Your donation of 50.- € enables us to give one more child the chance to play and to enjoy a daily meal in the Salikenni Nursery School for a whole year.

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Computer Room

In 2011 we could realize our vision of an IT teaching center with internet connection. Now communication between Salikenni, Banjul and the rest of the world is possible and the people of Salikenni have access to all kind of information. Shortly after the installation of the 10 computers our teacher used them to generate the school materials for their lessons.

Since beginning of 2013 our IT trainer Amie Dibba is teaching the young people of Salikenni in basic IT knowledge. After implementing of our solar site we can offer IT courses from morning to night. This larger variety of lessons motivated us to hire an additional IT trainer. Since March 2014 Ghulam Trawally is supporting us. He also is a citizen of Salikenni. Ghulam in the past has realized various IT projects for "Humanity First" in The Gambia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Amie and our students will for sure benefit from his experience.


All ages are interested in our IT room

IT Teacher: Amie Dibba