Your donation of 50.- € enables us to give one more child the chance to play and to enjoy a daily meal in the Salikenni Nursery School for a whole year.

Account number: 841 3791
BLZ: 430 500 01
Sparkasse Bochum
IBAN: DE80430500010008413791

The School Compound

The school compound seen from the north
Das Schulgelände vom Osteingang aus betrachtet
Picture of the compound from the main entry in the south
Foto aus Richtung Haupteingang auf der Westseite
The main building with 4 classrooms
Das Hauptunterrichtsgebäude mit 4 Klassenräumen
Inside a classroom
Innenansicht Klassenraum
The assembly hall with photovoltaic panels
Das Computerhaus
The IT house
Die alten Spielgeräte, Rundhaus und Gästeräume
The old playground equipment, the round house and the guest house
Waschbecken, Restwassergärtchen, Wasserturm
Open air shower behind the guest rooms
Der Schulgarten
Washbasin, orchard fed by waste water, water tank
School Garden