Your donation of 50.- € enables us to give one more child the chance to play and to enjoy a daily meal in the Salikenni Nursery School for a whole year.

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Education Challenges

The illiteracy rate in Gambia is about 60 percent. Although the Gambian government provides more than one fifth of its budget for education sector, the formal education level is low. The government of The Gambia is aware of the problem of lack of education and has promised reforms. By 2015 (as targeted in 2009) the Gorvernment wants to ensure a "basic" education in grades 1-9 for all children. In parts of the country there are already free tuition for girls. Teaching methods should also be revised. The attitude to education has changed dramatically in recent decades in Salikenni. In particular, parents who have never used or only briefly visited a school and are illiterate, want a meaningful education for their offspring. Especially mothers stand in for a better education for their children. The concept and the work of our Nursery School were highly praised by the management of primary school in Salikenni. Important basic knowledge of the English language as well as in mathematics and geography are placed in preschool. More important, the children are already accustomed to a certain early teaching discipline, so that teaching in elementary school can be started at a good level.