Your donation of 50.- € enables us to give one more child the chance to play and to enjoy a daily meal in the Salikenni Nursery School for a whole year.

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Hauptstrasse in Salikenni

Salikenni is a village northost of the Gambia-River with about 4000 residens. Wide arid plains extend around the village. Here and there huge baobab trees stretch into the blue sky. At first glance the village appears quite confusing. Apart from some slightly wider and trafficable sandy pathes many tortuous and widely branching streets leed to so-called compounds, huts grouped together that give a home large families.

The huts are made of cement blocks or mud bricks and are usually separated with correcates or bound reeds from the plot of the neighboring compounds. The compounds often consist of several buildings in which 10-30 people of different generations live together.

Our nursery school is located in the north east of the village.

In Salikenni there is a small central market, several small and rather inconspicuous shops, a health center, a youth and sports center, a state school, several mosques and of course our nursery shcool. Islam is the dominant religion in the village. For the people in Salikenni commitment to Islam is a commitment to love and peaceful co-existence. Conflicts with religious background are not yet known.