Our kindergarten was founded in 2006 by the “Youth Committee” in Salikenni. It has existed ever since. In 2008 we founded ourselves as an association in order to ensure long-term financing and further development (“how it all began”). Through the many discussions with our Gambian friends, the other sub-projects came about, the IT Center in 2011 followed by “Fandeema” in 2014. Around 180 children between the ages of 4 and 7 are cared for and supported in the kindergarten. The system of the “nursery school” is typical for Gambia, in which school elements are combined with games. In this case, “at school” means above all that the children should learn the English language (the official language in Gambia) and the basics of arithmetic and writing. It is particularly important to us to promote the playful and creative part. According to the head of the local elementary school, “our children” are well prepared for elementary school. The kindergarten is authorized by the competent state authority. We follow the official Gambian curriculum. Our educators (“teachers”) have all completed the Gambian College’s three-year Early Childhood Education course. The expert in our team in Germany for pedagogical and didactic work in kindergarten is Wanda von Renesse.


Learn and play


Jeden Tag spielend lernen
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Washing hands

Auch in Gambia eine Herausforderung: vor dem Essen Hände waschen
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Brush teeth

Zähneputzen gehört zur täglichen Routine in unserem Kindergarten
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Projekte / Aktionen

Projekte und Aktionen (z.B. Batik, Finderfarben) bereichen den Alltag
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Lehrerfortbildung / -trainings

lesson plan workshop

Workshops zu phonetics, lesson plans etc. sowie neue Spiele inspirieren unsere Lehrer
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Unsere Kinder bekommen täglich eine warme Mahlzeit
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Mit unseren Rutschen und Schaukeln können die Kinder ausgelassen toben

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Unser Lehrer-Team in Salikenni